Easy ways to wow your Mom this Mother’s Day

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Holiday Gifts 2011

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010

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Have you noticed that there are two sides to the holidays? Before Halloween is over the stores start selling Christmas trees and holiday lights, and the TV starts advertising classics like Rudolph and Frosty. All of this invokes peaceful thoughts of snow and sleigh riding, eggnog and fireplaces, and above all, quality family time. What we tend to overlook is that other side of the holidays: long lines, angry crowds at the mall, waiting at 5 am on Black Friday for stores to open to save a few much needed dollars. We circle the parking lot over and over to find a space; we scour stores for the perfect gift only to find out it’s sold out; we ask store employees for help that’s rarely given, and we wait in line only to be cut by someone who thinks their time is more valuable than ours. You run and you rush and above all you stress… why? Because there are people in your life who mean the world to you and the holidays are your chance to show your appreciation. (more…)

Exclusive Valentine’s Gift

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Valentine’s is almost here and it is time to show that special someone what he or she means to you. A box of chocolate is always a good gift, but not very original… why not give your sweetheart a box of “chocolates” with a gourmet coffee twist?