Show Your True Colors With Irish Pride Tea

March 13th, 2012 by

Ever notice that green gets all the attention on St. Patrick’s Day?

Yes, we know it’s called the Emerald Isle and there’s no denying that it’s great fun to celebrate the holiday decked out in all green. Drinking green milk shakes and green beer, and eating snacks mysteriously dyed green has become a strange but festive tradition.

But green, white and orange are equally represented on the flag of Ireland – where are these other colors? Why do white and orange get left out of the fun??

Call us hippies if you want, but we believe in equality — Our Irish Pride Tea is Green, White and Orange!

GREEN: There are many green teas, but Dragonwell Lung Ching is often considered the quintessential green tea. Full flavored, with less of a vegetal taste than other greens, Dragonwell is the perfect base for our Irish Pride tea.

WHITE: Next we mix in our premium Peony White tea. White teas are made by picking only the youngest leaves and buds then steaming and drying immediately, before oxidation can occur. This process leaves the tea with a subtle, earthy flavor. Mixed with the Dragonwell green tea, Peony White makes for a balanced cup — perfect for anyone who is used to hearty black teas but wants to try something new.

ORANGE: The final piece to our St. Paddy’s Day puzzle is orange. Real orange peel and a splash of orange flavor make the green and white teas come alive.

The key to a truly great tea blend is simplicity. Sure we could have added random flower petals, extra flavors and maybe some herbs you never heard of which would raise the price and “ooh factor” of the tea but add little to no actual taste. Much like the flag of Ireland, green, white and orange are all you need.

Represent all your true colors with Irish Pride Tea now before it’s too late. This tea is available on the web for a limited time — unlike that green food dye, that stuff stains!

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