10 Unique Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers

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Knowing that someone is a coffee or tea lover doesn’t necessarily make them easy to shop for. Chances are they already have everything they need to brew their favorite beverages at home. However, before you decide to go with a gift card, check out this list of gifts we think any true coffee/tea person would love to receive. You might want to add a few to your own letter to Santa (translation: share it with your friends and family on Facebook).


Ajiri Tea

One of the most exciting new additions to our website, Ajiri Tea, is a robust and flavorful Kenyan black tea, available in bags or loose-leaf, and packaged in boxes with beautiful hand-crafted labels. The sale of Ajiri Tea benefits the Ajiri Foundation, which creates business for small-scale farmers and employment opportunities for Kenyan women. 100% of the profits fund educational expenses for orphans of Western Kenya. Read more about the Ajiri Tea Company and the communities they support on their site, ajiritea.com.

The Ekobrew Filter

Stores have been pushing single-serve brewers hard during the holidays. You may have bought one for a friend or received one yourself, only to discover their hidden cost. Not only do pre-packed cups cost an average of $30 per pound of coffee, but the grounds inside have been allowed to “gas-off” (go stale) prior to packaging so that the sealed cups do not explode. The Ekobrew filter saves the day by allowing you to brew any fresh-roasted coffee you like in most single-serve machines, no pre-packed cups required. It’s easy to clean and at $9.95, a bargain that will save lots of money down the road. You can find more info and a list of compatible brewers here.

Bodum Bean 8-cup French Press

The French Press is the perfect gadget for coffee lovers who enjoy having control over every aspect of brewing—from steeping time to water temperature—to bring out the best in their beans. Simple and elegant, it’s hard to improve upon the original design, but this press has a few fine qualities that make it a standout. Easy to use and dishwasher-safe, the Bean press is well-insulated and completely spill-proof. Perfect for the pre-coffee klutz.

Jasmine Pearls

One of the highest grade teas available at Coffee Bean Direct, Jasmine Pearls make a perfect gift for the tea lover. The pearls are hand-rolled green tea leaves and buds that unfurl upon steeping to release a gorgeous aroma and sweet flavor. Truly a special tea!

Holiday Balls
For some reason this flavor is a tough sell with men. That’s a shame because it’s delicious. Reminiscent of another seasonal favorite, Zombie Cure, it features caramel and popcorn flavors plus a surprise (don’t worry — it’s chocolate). If you’re uncomfortable giving your Holiday Balls order to the friendly and professional women who answer the phone here, feel free to substitute the word “orbs,” or place your order discreetly on our website.

Bodum Tea for One 12-oz Double-Wall Tea Strainer

Tea lovers know that the best stuff doesn’t come in a teabag. But it can be cumbersome to haul steeping gadgets around with you on your travels. Beautiful to look at, Bodum’s Double-Wall Strainer is made of lightweight thermal glass, and includes a removable fine-mesh filter (which can fit inside most mugs). The silicone lid doubles as a coaster, and the whole thing is dishwasher and microwave-safe.

The Kone

Having endured the Jersey leg of “Superstorm Sandy’s” East Coast Tour, my romance with fancy modern gadgets took a hit. Without power, the carafe was the only useful part of my coffee maker, and only because I was lucky enough to have a gas stove and clean drinking water. I used a filter-holder and poured hot water over my grounds, hipster-style, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed coffee more. The Kone is a well-designed and versatile reusable filter, and makes a delicious pot of pour-over coffee, compatible with just about any coffee pot or carafe.

Hand-Crank Grinder

I never gave any thought to this before Sandy struck. I think it was only day three of the black-out here that I tried to club my coffee beans with a rolling pin (it doesn’t work). An old hand-crank coffee grinder would make a fantastic addition to an emergency kit. Modern technology has certainly improved the grinder (these are a great choice when the lights are on), but a die-hard coffee lover will want one of these stashed next to the D batteries in case of emergency.

Coffee Bean Direct Coffee/Tea Lovers Gift Baskets and Sampler Packs

Between our Sampler Packs and Gift Baskets, we have the perfect gift for every coffee and tea drinker. Our Assorted Coffee Sampler includes a variety of flavors and roast levels—a great gift for two (or more) people with different tastes, or for the person who likes a little variety in their cup. If you’re after something more specific, check out our Gift Baskets. You can choose premium coffee only, decaffeinated or flavored coffees, green, herbal, or traditional black teas.

Bodum Thermal Vacuum 15-oz Travel Mug 

If you’re a Coffee Bean Direct customer, chances are you are no longer able to enjoy the coffee available at that pit stop on your way to work. Until we infiltrate gas stations nationwide, you’ll have to brew a pot at home and take it to go. Since you care about how your coffee tastes, you already know that your drinking vessel matters and a good travel mug is hard to find. This one scores high on heat retention and ease of use. Stainless steel, with a tight fitting, closeable lid, it fits easily in any cup holder and is dishwasher safe.





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  1. Daniel Says:

    I can vouch for hand grinders and the Ekobrew. Both are great to have around, especially if you travel. I’ll need to give Ajiri Tea a try. Great list!

  2. Linda Bradbury Says:

    You should try to carry zojirushi Stainless Vacuum Bottles. I swear it keeps coffee or tea hot for over 24 hours. My nephew introduced us to this. I have bought two for my son, a coffee fanatic. I didn’t believe him when he told me that at college it had kept his coffee warm for over 24 hours, but he demonstrated it to me when he came home o n break. I have only been able to find them through the website or Amazon or Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ.

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